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How to make Dried Mango – Easy Mango Chips Recipe

Mango Chips

Mango Chips Recipe

How to make Dried Mango? These dried mango chips are incredibly thin and melt-in-your-mouth! I love eating them as snack. If you like sweets and plenty nutrition, mango is the perfect fruit for you!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 8 hr
Total Time: 8 hr 10 min
Yield: ±45 grams


Mango Chips Ingredients3 mangoes (approx. 850g)


Mango Chips StepWash, peel and cut mango into slices. Arrange mango slices on dehydrator trays. Set Dehydrator to 55 degrees C. Leave for 8 hours. Feel free to change the time to match the texture you want.